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Biuro Serwis
Conditions of Use

E-shop has the address and is managed by the producer of the office furniture existing in economic turnover under the company: Biuro-Servis Sylwester Pawłow with the residence in Białystok, Krakowska 14 Street, 15-875 Białystok. Tax Identification Number:542-010-44-30, REGON:002349250.The entry in the list of trade The Office Town in Białystok- identification number- 11482

General resolutions:

1 All products offered by our e-shop are new and have a guarantee.

2 All the prices are given in polish złoty ,are gross and include VAT tax. The price is actual at the moment of giving the order by the customer.

3 E-shop has the right to change the goods’ prices that are in the offer and to introduce new products to the offer.

4 The range of the e-shop in not the commerce offer in the case of art.543 of Cywil Code but it is an invitation to getting the offer in the case of art 71 of Cywil code. That is the reason for the order is not tantamount to enter into the contract purchase-selling.

Making order, the term of realization and payment

1 The order can be made directly in our e-shop through filling the form.

2 The shop confirms the order by the e-mail or fax within two working days since the order was taken.

3 If any doubts occur, there is a possibility of additional phone or mail arrangements with a customer.

4 The shop reserves the right to refusal of taking the order in the case of wrong customer’s details or when there are doubts about details’ correctness.

5 The order realization starts when the whole order payment is settled the bank account or shop’s cash.

6 The VAT invoice is added to every order. The invoice can be also send together with the order to the customer or separately by the post office within 7 days since it was provided.

7 At every product the maximum term of realization is given, which is identified in working days. This is the time since the whole order payment is fulfilled up to the moment in witch the order is sent to the customer. If the order consists of different terms of order realization, it will be realized according to the longest one. What is more, the time in which the courier provides the order should be taken into account. This time usually lasts 2 working days.

8 The customer can cancel the order or introduce the changes up to the moment the order is taken to the realization by the shop.

Delivery and costs

1 The delivery of order can be fulfilled by the courier company or own transport to the address in the order given. The order is supplied only in Poland. The buyer is obliged to receipt the goods from the courier’s vehicle.

2 The cost of the delivery is fulfilled by the customer. According to the kinds of selling goods, the cost of the transport is in confirmation order taken given.

3 After the order is received by the customer, he should check whether the goods are not damaged or touched during the delivery. If the order is touched, the customer should open it in the presence of the courier. In the case of lack or damage of the goods the report must be drawn up in the presence of the courier. The report

should consist of: the date, the time of delivery the damage or lack description

4 The furniture is delivered in packages to self assembly.

5 If the courier company is not able to deliver the order for reasons beyond their control( for example, the customer will be not present in fixed place within 2 next days), the customer meets the costs of the next time deliver on the basis of the invoice issued by the courier company.

Complaints and returns

1 The complaints should be in a written form. The complaints according to the damages caused due to the deliver are considered under condition of drawing up the report signed by the customer and the deliver of the goods.

2 The complaints are considered within 14 working days since they are fulfilled. The basis to accept the complaint is the receipt of purchasing furniture, VAT invoice or a warranty added to the goods.

3 According to act from 2nd March 2000 “About the protection of some consumer rights and responsibility for damage made by dangerous product” the consumer can withdraw from the agreement and resign from purchased product without giving any reason within 10days since the delivery was taken. It is possible only when the product was not used previously, damaged, was not tried to assembly and has not been devoided of original packaging.

4. To each product returned must be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal, and the original invoice. We make a form of statement of withdrawal accessible for costumers. /download file/

5. Shop offers reimbursement of an amount equal to the price of the goods within 14 working days of receipt of the returned goods with VAT invoice, by bank account specified by the buyer or postal address indicated in the contract. Customer shall not be reimbursed the cost of transporting the goods from the shop to the customer.

6. Customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods.

7. The right of return does not apply to goods made to individual order / design / and those in which the request made structural changes.

8. Shop does not accept any returned via COD.

9. Colors of the displayed goods in the shop and their finishes may vary slightly from actual. However, this may not be the basis for the complaint or refund the purchased goods.

Final provisions

    1. Ordering online store you are accepting the terms of the Regulations.

    2. Shop reserves the right to make changes to these Rules at any time.

    3. Cases not covered by this Regulation are settled by the provisions of the Civil Code.

    4. Jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising under the contract is the court competent for the seat of the owner of online store.

    5. Making an order the customer agrees to the processing and use of their personal data in order to fulfill your order. These data are not processed or used for any other purpose. Online shop in accordance with the law on personal data protection (OJ Nr133 of 29/10/1997) offered to all registered customers the opportunity to review their data and update them. These data can be at any time to request the user removed from the database. Shop uses data only for their own needs and are not shared with other entities.